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The bumper became popular because it was an excellent safety accessory for cars and trucks alike. However, the truck bumper became a safety problem of its own. With rising number of cars and trucks on the road, accidents became very common. It is not compulsory that a car shall collide only with another car. Instances of truck collisions became more and more common. In high speed collisions, the car would get stuck under the structure of the truck. Considering the speeds at which accident took place and the structural strength of the truck as compared to the car, it was the car occupants who suffered the most.

Solving this safety issues was not easy. On one hand, trucks had to be big machines because

  • Trucks carried huge loads
  • Trucks were made to last for many years.
  • Trucks were made to carry heavy loads over long distances
  • Trucks were manufactured to be low maintenance vehicles.
  • Trucks were used in off road conditions where a low chassis may easily get destroyed.

On the other hand, regulators had to consider the fact that the space between the truck and the ground was so high that a car could easily drive under the same and get stuck. These instances were not restricted to high speed collisions alone. Even stopping late a traffic signal could mean that the car would get stuck under the truck. Even a slight reverse movement on the part of the truck driver would mean that the car would get stuck under the truck.

Regulators have been trying to find a solution to this problem for a long period of time. Rules were imposed that bumper should be strong enough to prevent the car from being stuck under the structure of the truck. However, even the strongest truck bumpers could not prevent this problem in case of high speed collisions. Further, making truck bumpers very heavy led to mileage problems in trucks. This also led to weight problems in trucks. The Australian government is working to get rid of this problem. It is planning to make high speed impact bars compulsory for trucks. These bars would be placed below the bumper and would ensure that cars get more protection.

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